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As a data and insights company for nearly a century, Nielsen is particularly recognized for the Nielsen Ratings, a part of their Nielsen Media arm. Now, in spinning off the other side of their business, Nielsen Global Connect, they’re taking the opportunity to create a brand that tells a clearer story of what’s offered: consumer purchasing data for the buy side, all delivered through a digital-first platform. Our challenge was to create a distinct brand for this new entity that nodded to the historic roots of Nielsen but with a new focus on consumer intelligence.

︎︎︎ Agency: Interband NY
︎︎︎ Team: Chris Campbell, Daniel Irizarry, Tut Pinto, Alexandra Govert, Daniel Wegman, Steve Haslip, Louise Brito, Daniella Giavina-Bianchi, Alexa Ebner, Lindsey Maino, Penelope Davis, Katherine Pissaro-Grant, Grant Branham, Miguel Rivera, Robert Rosenberg