A new universe of fun.

Bally’s corporation came to us to reimagine the Bally casino brand. We took inspiration from Bally’s brand history, which originated as a pinball machine manufactuer; and updated the convention of stuffy casinos and gambling facilities to create a vibrant, thrilling identity that can be implemented across all aspects of the Bally’s Corporation, including landbased casinos, sports betting, and free to play games. 

︎︎︎ Agency: Interband NY
︎︎︎ Team: Chris Campbell, Daniel Irizarry, Tut Pinto, Damini Agrawal, Jesse Ragan, Louise Brito, Daniella Giavina-Bianchi, Alexa Ebner, Lindsey Maino, Penelope Davis, Katherine Pissaro-Grant, Steve Haslip, Grant Branham, Miguel Rivera, Robert Rosenberg

We partnered with type design studio, Dalton Mag to create Bally Thill, a custom font family for Bally Casinos. This unique san serif typeface comes in two cuts, one regular and one inverted. These two versions combine the functional needs of the casino brand and the exciting experience of the casino floor.